Massage by Molly is dedicated to improving your quality of life by using the art of massage.


We demand a lot from our body day in and day out. It's time to reward your hard-working muscles with effective self-maintenance exercises to improve your quality of life. This workshop includes foam rolling, tennis ball rolling, essential oils, and more! Suitable for anyone with aches and pains.

For more info or to attend the next workshop, contact me or visit my facebook page.


Request a sample of the most potent, pure, highest quality essential oils in the world. Learn how to incorporate them into your life and choose natural solutions for your healthcare. Find out what brand I stand behind and why they are the largest network marketing company in the country and tenth globally.

Body Maintenance



Please consult with your treating physician prior to performing stretches, strengthening, and foam rolling exercises. (Click the 'W' for attachment)

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