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Ashiatsu: A massage modality where the therapist uses their feet to massage while pushing off two parallel bars mounted to the ceiling. The pressure doesn't get much deeper than this!

Bamboo Fusion Massage™ - A luxurious massage using varying shapes and sizes of hot bamboo sticks to knead the muscles. The pressure can be either light or deep, but the results will always be rejuvenating.

Chair Massage - A massage applied through clothing that is a fast, effective way to focus on the neck, shoulders, and back.

Cupping – Cups are suctioned to the skin drawing the skin, fascia, and blood up into the cup and to the surface of the skin to increase circulation amongst many other health benefits. Bruising is to be expected and last up to two weeks.


Deep Tissue - Massage aimed at the deeper tissues using a variety of techniques to release stubborn adhesions. Pressure will generally be more intense, and may occasionally cause bruising or irritation.

Gua Sha – A scraping technique applied using a tool to break up fascia, relieve muscle tension, and increase circulation.


Hot Stone Therapy - Heated stones are used to knead the muscles and can also be placed at specific sites on the body to deepen relaxation and promote circulation in your muscles.


Maternity Massage - A session specifically tailored for expecting mothers. Mom and baby are properly positioned and bolstered to provide optimal comfort and safety. Note: The majority of this massage is side-lying.


Myofascial - A technique designed to reduce adhesions in the fascia and release hyperirritable.


Reflexology - A zone therapy massage applied to the feet to target the reflected corresponding areas of the body.


Sports Massage - This technique provides optimal performance, recovery, and function before, during, and/or after training for athletes. It emphasizes the prevention of injury to muscles and tendons.


Sticks and Stones – Both hot bamboo sticks and hot stones are combined together in one session to create a unique, relaxing, and unforgettable massage.


Swedish - Uses the five basic strokes to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension, and encourage many other health benefits.

Thai – Performed on a mat and fully clothed. The therapist uses a variety of stretching and compression techniques to improve range of motion and flexibility.


Trigger Point – Pressure applied to areas commonly known as “knots” to relieve muscle tension.


60 Minutes - $90

90 Minutes - $135

*Accept: Cash, Check, Credit, Gift Certificates, Venmo, Apple Pay


Applied at time of service

*All active/retired military and first responders receive $10 off any massage service. Excludes promos. Valid ID required.

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